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What platforms does Shiparoo work with?

Regardless of the platform you use Shiparoo can help get your product and/or gifts to your backers. Just provide Shiparoo with the shipping information, what is to be shipped and how you would like it packaged and we can take care of the rest.

What happens after the campaign?

After the campaigns Shiparoo can send your items back to you or we can keep them in storage and fulfill orders that come in through other channels like your website.

Tips for a successful crowdfunding fulfillment campaign

  1. Make sure you are communicating with your backers. Let your backers know where you are with your product and fulfillment. They are excited to get your product but know that delays do happen.
  2. Create an experience: This is the first experience with your brand make sure you send something that creates excitement. Be sure to include additional collateral about where the product is going next and how they can participate. It is also helpful to include incentives to share photos of the product or refer friends and family.
  3. Be sure to let them know the product is coming: Send an email letting your backers know that the product is on its way. Shiparoo can send custom emails with tracking numbers so they can know when the product will arrive.
  4. Organization: Make sure everything is organized to ensure accurate fulfillment and decrease the time before backers receive the product. Products should be clearly marked and packaged. Address and order data should be clearly organized and be easy to import into our shipping software.

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