What shipping carrier should I select?

At Shiparoo we work with every carrier and can help you select the best carrier for your shipments. To determine the shipping carrier the works best for your shipments you will need to evaluate the following: average size and weight of the shipments, desired shipping time, quantity, contents of the shipment and any special restrictions, as well as if the shipments will be delivered to businesses or residences. It is also important to note if you require any additional services like insurance, signature requests, etc these should be factored into the decision.

Based on this information we can work with you to determine what the best shipping carrier or combination of carriers would best meet your needs.

For most smaller size shipments (under 5lbs) we recommend using the USPS, or at least using the USPS to deliver the package the last mile. The cost, speed, and distribution network of the USPS makes it difficult for other carriers to compete and provide a similar service.

For larger shipments we typically recommend Fedex or UPS but it will depend on your personal preference and characteristics of your shipments.

Shiparoo also works with USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, and most other carriers. Shiparoo has discounted shipping rates, but we can always send packages on your account so you can be billed by the carrier directly.

Can I send orders internationally?

Shiparoo can send your orders anywhere in the world. International shipping is much more expensive and is less reliable, so it is important to set your shipments up correctly and select a carrier that meets your needs. There are also a number of carriers you can select from depending on your needs and budget.

At Shiparoo we work with carriers who can ship your products directly to the countries where they will be delivered and inject the packages into the local mail stream. This helps reduce costs, but relies heavily on the local mail delivery service which differs greatly from country to country. We can also use carriers like USPS, DHL, UPS, and Fedex depending on your budget, size and weight of shipments, desired time of arrival, and the countries you are shipping to.

It is important that your clients provide the correct address information, as for most countries it is difficult to verify if the address meets local addressing standards. With domestic shipments and to some extent with international shipments our software can auto-correct or flag any addresses that are not valid but we cannot do this for most international shipments.

You will also need to evaluate customs and tariffs. You will need to provide the value and classification of goods for Shiparoo to declare on the customs forms. Each country has different regulations and tariffs so these will be assessed when they are inspected at the country they are being shipped to. Typically customs fees are paid by the recipient, but we can set them up to be billed back directly to you.

What is dimensional weight?

Depending on the size and weight of your shipment your shipping costs may be calculated based on dimensional weight as opposed to the physical weight of the package. Dimensional weight is a way for shipping carriers to assess shipping fees based on the size of the package as opposed to the physical weight. Dimensional weight is typically calculated by multiplying the height by the width by the length. This calculation is then divided by the shipping carriers dimensional weight factor which differs between carriers.

It is important to design packaging accordingly if the shipments you are sending may qualify for lower rates by shipping using the dimensional weight as opposed the actual weight.

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