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How do I get started?

Contact us and we will learn more about your business and can develop an estimate designed specifically for your needs. We will work with you to plan your fulfillment from the layout to the packaging. We will then integrate your website or order processing software to seamlessly transfer order data to us. Once that is setup you will just need to send inventory to our warehouse and we will fulfill your orders as soon as they come in.

How quickly can orders be fulfilled?

We can work with you and your timeline to ensure that orders are fulfilled to meet your needs. Certain factors like complexity of fulfillment and volume of fulfillment can affect the time required for fulfillment but typically orders are fulfilled next day. During the planning process we will work with you to ensure that the timeline meets your needs.

How are products stored?

Products are stored in our secure warehouse. Depending on the size and quantity of your products they will either be stored on pallets or in boxes. Inventory is cataloged and we request that you provide SKU numbers so we can accurately import inventory items as well as ensure they are deducted properly when orders are placed.

What type of Quality Control systems are in place?

When products arrive we will inspect the packaging to make sure nothing looks damaged and review a few sample products. Depending on how products are packaged and shipped we may only find damaged product much later in the fulfillment cycle. When we are fulfilling products we will also quickly review products for any defect or damage. This is done quickly unless instructed to perform a more thorough review. Once fulfilled each package is checked prior to being sealed and shipped to verify the contents of the package are correct and that everything looks as it should. We maintain a high quality control and assurance system to ensure your products are fulfilled accurately and appear as they should.

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