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Selecting the Correct Box or Packaging

There are many different packaging options to select from for your subscription box. Factors such as budget, the type of goods, desired branding, durability of the goods, and the feel of the shipment will help determine which box or packaging is correct for your needs. You will also need to evaluate which box type will get you the lowest shipping rate while still providing the protection you need to ensure your products arrive in tact.

Shiparoo can use boxes you provide or can source boxes for you. Our box rates are typically less than you can find on your own and we can even setup box printing. We can also help you explore more cost effective box branding like the use of stickers or branded kraft tape to help brand you packaging.
In addition to selecting a box type you may also need to select a filler to protect the products and beautifully present the products. Most subscription boxes will use crinkle paper which is inexpensive, protects products well, is visually appealing. Krinkle paper comes in many different colors to match your box or products. Alternatively some people prefer to use paper, excelsior, packing peanuts, filler paper, foam, etc.

Inventory and Sending Products

Shiparoo will inventory all your products prior to your box being sent. Products should arrive between 5 to 30 days before a shipment, but depending on your needs we can work with you. It is important to have suppliers send products with packing slips to verify quantities, and ensure that all products are properly packed to avoid damage during shipments. Shiparoo will assume the quantities are accurate and can provide updates if when products are fulfilled or if a stock count is requested. When fulfilling products Shiparoo will look for any defective or damaged product, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to catch everything.

Once all boxes are fulfilled we can either ship product back, store product to be sold in an online store, or dispose of the product.


Branding is very important for subscription boxes, as many times the customer’s only experience with the product is receiving it in their mailbox. Branding starts with the box. Many subscription boxes have their boxes printed each month, or print generic boxes for a few months. Alternatively you can use generic boxes and apply branded stickers or branded tape to the box, which is more cost effective and allows more flexibility. We can also add you logo to the shipping label.

It is also important to continue the branding of the box inside. Most boxes have an insert which contains a description of the contents, branding, notifications about hashtags and contests, etc. Be as creative as you can with the inserts and look at them as a way to market to your subscribers. Another option is adding personalized inserts, this could be gift notes or subscription renewal reminders, but adding a personalized touch will help your customers connect with your brand. Shiparoo has the ability to print all collateral in house and can help make sure your subscription box is used as a marketing tool to generate more renewals and subscribers.

Designing How Your Package Looks

It is important that each month’s box is setup to create a unique experience for your customer. Boxes should be fulfilled not only so that items are protected during shipments, but also so that the unboxing experience is memorable and creates the experience the subscriber is expecting.

At Shiparoo we will always send a photo proof of the setup of each month’s box for approval prior to starting fulfillment. Either you can send photos or instructions as to how you want each box fulfilled or Shiparoo can setup the box and you can provide feedback once you see the photo.
Shiparoo will always be there to provide advice and suggestions, but your boxes will be fulfilled to your specifications.

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