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Once you have designed your packaging and how you orders should be packed the final touch will be sealing your packaging. The most important aspect of this step is ensuring that the method used will keep the package closed and secure. Secondly you will want to make sure that you select a method that looks right for your brand.

The method used to seal will often depend on the package type and the types of products, but below are a few options

Kraft Tape: Kraft tape is a paper tape that has a water activated adhesive. Kraft tape typically comes in white and kraft (brown) but can be printed in all colors. The Kraft tape Shiparoo uses is reinforced with fiberglass yarn which provides more strength and is also tamper proof. Kraft tape blends in with the most boxes (either kraft or white or custom printed) and has a sleek and finished look. Reinforced kraft tape is more secure and tamper resistant but the end user will often need to use a knife or sharp object to open the package. Only one layer of kraft tape is necessary and there are different strength tapes depending on the weight of the package.

Clear Tape: Clear plastic tape is a great option for sealing your packages. Clean tape will stick to virtually any surface. Since this tape comes on clear it can be used with any box without sticking out. Clear tape is not as clean or strong as kraft tape and often requires additional layers. Clear tape also is more difficult to apply to edges cleanly due to the stickiness.

Custom Printed Tape: Both clear and kraft tape can have custom logos printed directly onto them. This is a nice touch and can be more cost effective than custom printing boxes, while still maintaining a branded look

No tape: Some packaging like polybags, or stayflat envelopes will not require tape. There are also boxes (mailer style boxes and boxes with locking tabs) that can be folded to require little to no tape. This is not recommended as boxes can be opened easily and are not very secure. You can also use mailing labels, glue dots, or stickers to seal these packages. This does look very nice but it not very secure. You can always use tape and then cover it with a label or sticker if this is a direction you would prefer.

Whichever option you select make sure the tape you use does what it is intended to do and keep the package sealed.

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