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Branding is very important but custom box printing can be expensive, especially if you have a need for a variety of different box sizes. Below are a few cost effective ways to brand you shipments without custom printing boxes.

Stickers: Stickers are a cost effective and easy way to brand you boxes without having to spend much money. Transfer stickers even give off the appearance that your box is custom printed. Selecting the right artwork and sticker are essential to ensure that the use of sticker adds to your packaging and does not look over cheap.

Printed tape: Printed tape is an inexpensive way to add branding to your packaging by using materials and space that would have been covered up. Printed tape comes in clear and kraft versions and can be printed in any color. Tape is very versatile and can be used with any box size or type that you ship with.

Branded Labels: At Shiparoo we put your logo on all your shipping labels. Labels print in black and white and the logo does not stand out much as it is within the label with barcodes and shipping information, but this does add some branding to your packaging.

Stamps: Having a rubber stamp made of your logo and stamping your shipments is another way to add branding at a low cost.

Branded inner packaging: Another option is leaving your outer box unbranded but packing your box with branded collateral inside. This can add an element of surprise while still leaving a lasting impression with your customer.

Every brand is different and some ideas will work better for some brands than they will for others. It is best to develop a budget and vision and see what options work best for your specific brand.

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