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Every subscription box should have a printed card included in the box explaining the box, but what should go on them.

Product Descriptions:

Explain what products in this month’s box. This is a great opportunity to explain the value of the products and why they were curated specifically for this month’s box. This is a chance to promote the brands that have provided products for your box and explain why they have been selected to be in your box. Many subscription box companies include the retail price of the products to further demonstrate the value of the box.

Call to Action:

Your printed collateral should allow your subscriber to interact that your box and brand. There should always be a call to action, asking your subscribers to do something. This can be anything from asking subscribers to take photos and share them on social media with a hashtag to directly asking subscribers to renew their subscription box or refer a friend. Many boxes also hold contests to promote their subscriptions boxes with a free gift or prize for a lucky subscriber. Your subscription box is the best way to engage and inspire your subscribers so use the box and collateral as best you can to engage and involve your subscribers


Your printed subscription box card should be full of branding. This is a great place to connect your brand with your subscribers. Be sure that your cards represent your brand and what you stand for. Many subscription boxes have a different theme each month that is represented in the design of the card. Make sure your theme and designs represent your brand and box appropriately. Printed cards often have a long shelf life and can stick around a lot longer than the actual product. If a friend were to pick up one of these cards they should be able to tell exactly what your box represents.

Including printed cards in your subscription box is a great way to connect with subscribers. There is no right or wrong way to do this and it all depends on your brand. You can also be creative and include multiple pieces of collateral and design your collateral to meet the style of your box. The costs to include a card a minimal and if done right this card can help grow your subscription box while maintaining your customer base.

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