FulfillmentThree Tips for your Subscription Box Printed Collateral


Adding printed collateral to your subscription box will not only engage your customer but it will also help promote your brand and the brands you represent. Printed collateral as a long shelf life and if done correctly could help promote your products.

1. Personalize your collateral

Personalized printed collateral will help your subscription box connect with your subscribers and let them know that the box was curated with them in mind. Personalized collateral can be as simple as including the name of subscription box recipient or can be as elaborate as including images and products specifically curated for the individuals. Another great way to engage customers is with gift notes. For gift purchases including a personal note from the sender will help improve the unboxing experience.

2. Make your collateral interactive

Design your collateral in such a way that it promotes the user engaging with your brand. Ask subscribers to post photos to social media and provide feedback. Contests are also a great way to engage your subscribers and have them promote your product to receive a prize. You can also include promo codes or referral codes so subscribers can share your box with friends. Your collateral should have a call to action which helps promote your subscription box and/or engage with subscribers.

3. Make it look great

Printed collateral can be very aesthetically pleasing and is a great way to pull all the elements of your subscription box together. Your printed collateral should be designed in a way that it represents your brand and relates to you subscribers. The more your subscribers like the design the longer the shelf-life your collateral will have and the more likely that friends and family will see the collateral and learn about your subscription box.

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