ShippingTips to Reduce Shipping Costs (Reduce Package Weight)

One way to reduce shipping costs is to reduce the weight of your shipments. Typically your product has a fixed weight but there are ways to adjust packaging to minimize the weight of your shipment and reduce you shipping costs. Remember every ounce counts.

Eliminate Inner Packaging: Many products are packaged then inserted into another box to be shipped. If you can eliminate the inner packaging and just ship the product in one box you will be able to reduce the weight and the size of the shipment.

Use the correct box or packaging type: Often times a box is not the best way to send your shipment. Boxes are heavy and bulky, if you can use a poly bag, padded envelope, or a lighter packaging this will reduce the weight of the package and may also qualify less expensive mail classes. There are also different style boxes like mailer style boxes which are more sturdy but have more corregated cardboard and weigh a bit more. Selecting the right box or package for your product can reduce your shipments’ weight.

Use light weight boxes or packages: Boxes have different thicknesses and grades which let you know the weight which they are designed to hold. Using a lighter box may work for your products that do not require sturdy packaging.

Use light weight packaging materials: Use light weight packing material like bubble wrap, crinkle paper, or filler paper.

Reduce packaging: selecting the correct size box or packaging that your products fit into will reduce the extra weight from additional packaging material and box material. If you have different products or customer typically purchase more than one product this can be tricky.

Anything you can do to reduce the weight and packaging should save you money on shipping. Make sure you analyze your product to determine how different packaging can effect shipping costs prior to making changes to packaging. For some shipping rates reducing the weight slightly or at all may not make a difference to your postage costs.

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